What the Stone Saw

Archival digital pigment prints

8 x 6 inches


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Naturally holed stones, sometimes known as hagstones, are potent objects rich with folklore. When held up to the eye, these stones become magical devices that are said to enable the viewer to see across the veil into the otherworld.

What the Stone Saw is a series of solargraphs made with pinhole cameras whose apertures are tiny, naturally holed hagstones. By imaging the energy present in a place—be it sunlight, atmosphere, or unseen beings—these experimental cameras imagine the world through the eye of a stone and create a playful visualization of what the otherworld might look like. 

Peering through a hagstone is an act of imagination that invites us to expand how we see the world. It is a reminder that stones are more than objects, they are persons we can be in relation with.

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