Rock Hard

Minerals historically consumed as aphrodisiacs, dicklettes (Sex-safe silicone and mineral pigments casts of roots and fruits).

Pre-Enlightenment lapidaries and encyclopedias record the existence of ensouled stones with the power to affect the human body. Among their many attributes, mineral entities were thought to be especially adept at inciting desire and increasing potency. To access their powers, these aphrodisiac minerals would have been ground into powder and taken internally, often with wine. Far from insensible, these stones had individual agency.

What happens when we consume the body of another?

The very moment the mineral enters the mouth, saliva begins to break it down, dissolving it into the tongue—human becomes rock and rock becomes human. Joining a network of previously devoured flora, fauna, and microorganisms that make up the human body, the consumed rock further destabilizes the fantasy of the autonomous self.

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