Can you hear me now?

Pyrite concretions and dust, copper magnet wire, copper electroformed twigs, soil, mica, salt. 

36 x 36 inches installed

I hold the stone to my ear. Listening.

Stone, whose breath is so long, we extinguish before the exhale.

Dense and inert. We speak of stone as lifeless matter. Stone, who vibrates with the sound of our voices every day.

Mobile phones, computers, and radios. Stone is the medium powering our communication devices. Stone tells me of the skeletal growth of copper deposits at plate boundaries and bronze daggers sacrificed to bogs, of trenches humming with crystal radios and the secrets shared between lovers over phone lines. Stone is vibrant and social.

Can you hear me now? is a series of fantastical listening devices that playfully reimagines how we communicate with—and through—minerals. Evoking early crystal radios, antique copper antennas, and apotropaic Brigid crosses, these sculptural objects merge spiritual and mundane technologies through their shared materials, processes, and traits.

As a ritual installation, the individual devices create a circuit, opening a conduit that is grounded by the soil and salt circle.

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