Echoes of the Witch

Archival digital pigment prints

24 x 36 inches

2019 - 22

For print availability, please contact me
In collaboration with Jake Eshelman, Echoes of the Witch explores cultural memory, power, and the land as they manifest through American witch executions.

Since 2019, we have travelled around present-day America to document the locations where records indicate fifty-four individuals were accused of witchcraft and executed by the state. In each location, this project investigates how the land and the people in these sites have honored, altered, hidden, perverted, or neglected the memories of these persecutions.

This project operates on the premise that places hold memory, and that cultural memory can be deeply rooted. What we choose to remember—and how—has a profound impact on how we understand ourselves and our world.

To learn more about the project, visit the official Echoes of the Witch website.

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