As Above, So Below

Archival digital pigment prints, velvet, frame.

20 x 24 11/16 x 2 1/8 inches


Embodying the esoteric dictum, “as above, so below,” this series of diptychs explores the visual and ontological reflections between stars and soil. Each photographic diptych juxtaposes an image of the microbiology and minerals within a soil sample with an image of the night sky directly above the sample location.

“A Truth without doubt, wholly sound,
        that the highest is from the lowest
                and the lowest is from the highest.

The working of wonders is from the one,
        just as all things came from the one,
                by a single governance.

Its father is the Sun and its mother is the Moon.
The wind carries it in her belly.
The earth nourishes it. . .”

from Kit¯ab Sirr al-Khal¯ıqah by pseudo-Apollonius of Tyana, c. 750-850 CE.
trans. by Brian Cotnoir, The Emerald Tablet, 2019.
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