The Parting Gift:
Diagrams for Being

Cyanotype on Hahnemühle Platinum Rag paper

11 7/16 x 17 7/16 inches


Edition of 9

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The Parting Gift is a collaboration across time, which reimagines a series of diagrams my grandfather drew for my mother months before he died. These drawings illustrate his vision of an energetic universe.

When I was a child, my mother had a series of diagrams pinned to her studio wall. These rough pencil sketches on pale yellow notecards were given to her by her father, who drew them to conceptualize a vibrant living universe. My mother cherished them and would recall the enthusiasm and urgency with which her father explained them as he fervently drew all those years ago.

Though I never met him, I too cherish his drawings and copies of the originals have long adorned my own studio wall. They feel like messages drifting across the veil—tiny threads of connection mooring us together in the vast lake of time. They tug at me. Bringing me back to the sunny morning they sat at her kitchen table, my grandfather sketching away, confiding to my mother that he dreamed of sharing his vision with others. But he crossed over before he could.

The Parting Gift is an across-time collaboration through three generations. My grandfather originally drew the diagrams, my mother preserved and passed them down to me, and I reimagined and translated them into cyanotypes.

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