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Interdisciplinary Visual Artist

b. 1989, USA, under a dark moon

The world is mysterious and enchanted. As an interdisciplinary artist, I am opening toward this reality by exploring the entanglements between spirituality, ecology, and power. My recent work imagines an expanded web of relationships where we co-create alongside an endless array of different forms of consciousness—animals, plants, fungi, spirits, stones, light, and subatomic particles. I am deeply curious about the interplay of matter, energy, and mind. How might we dissolve the artificial boundaries between them and what might we learn in these liminal spaces?

I am particularly invested in the phenomena of unseen worlds, from the microscopic to the parallel mythic realms that surround us. This interest in traversing the borderlands of perception began with my folkloric understanding that the land is alive and invisible beings inhabit the world just beyond our vision. As such, my work expands the concept of ecology to include the super-natural, modeling a radical relationality necessary to help heal our unfolding ecological crises. When we imagine the possibility that we can speak with stones or connect to non-bodied beings, we heighten our empathy and nurture more nuanced ways of engaging with the world.

My studio is a playful occult laboratory where I perform experiments, craft rituals, and create fantastical technologies. Grounded in rigorous research, I trace threads of the mythic, magical, and imaginal across disciplines and histories in search of how they inhabit and trouble the present. Taking form through sculpture, photography, and time-based media, this process enables me to weave disparate traces into complex continuities that are at once strange and familiar. I ground the fantastic elements of my work in my considered sense of craft. For me, craft operates as both a means of precision and an act of nurturing, revealing my deep love of process and materials.

From flowers and fungi to minerals and ultraviolet light, materials are active collaborators in my practice. I work with materials that have their own agency and energy, but are also encoded with human histories and connotations. Like ingredients in a potion, each material builds layers of meaning in the work, coming together to transmute into something new. By coaxing multiple meanings into co-existence, my aim is to create visual and conceptual complexities that have the power to act as portals into alternate futures.

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