Our world is mysterious and enchanted. As an interdisciplinary artist, I explore the entanglements between ecology, folklore, and magic. I am particularly invested in the phenomena of unseen worlds, from the microscopic to the parallel mythic realms that surround us.

My recent work centers on lenses and apertures as ocular portals. It is inspired by the knowledge that in the same historical moment that some gazed into crystal balls to glimpse the future, others looked through telescope lenses to observe light emerging from the past and peered through tiny glass balls in early microscopes to reveal an unseen world of microbes. In unveiling what is beyond our gaze, we continually reshape how we understand and create our world.

Grounded in rigorous research, I trace threads of the mythic and magical across disciplines and histories in search of how they inhabit and trouble the present. Materials are active and essential collaborators in this process. I work with materials that have their own agency and energy, but are also encoded with human histories and connotations. Animals, plants, fungi, spirits, stones, light, and subatomic particles—my work imagines an expanded web of relationships where I co-create alongside an endless array of different forms of consciousness. Like ingredients in a potion, each material builds layers of meaning in the work, coming together to transmute into something new. Taking form through sculpture, photography, and ritual, this process enables me to weave disparate traces into complex continuities that are at once strange and familiar.

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