Tarot is a continuous collective artwork that spans the centuries. Every spread is a new composition. Every reading is a collaborative creation. Presently, I am in the midst of contributing to this vibrant history with my own expression of the cards.

Delicately painted with gouache, the cards are slow, meditative, and rigorously researched: weaving together tarot’s visual history with mythology, ecology, folk knowledge, sudden knowings, divine inspiration, and a deep love of archetypes. Making them is like following Ariadne’s thread down Alice’s rabbit hole to gaze into the Norns’ well, only to discover that the thread is spider silk and I am ballooning upwards to the stories of the stars.

I’ve come to see tarot as a living ecology of energies. Each card offers a door into a different facet of this world. Tarot is reflective: as we engage the deck, it mirrors back into us. Like the cards, we are living ecosystems whose inner worlds can be explored through image, symbol, and story. This is the magic of tarot.

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